How We Began Our Journey

Sabari Krishna Consumables India Private Limited, we began our journey in the year 2022 to provide a healthier and hygiene products.

Our Brand “Sabari GKS”  has been introduced in January, 2023 for our First Product “Ghee”.

And we work with a more experienced team, who believed that people are happier, when they are healthier.

And the more experienced team is headed by Mr. Dhandapani who has a experience in the field of more than 20 years and followed by Mrs. Bhuvaneswari and Mr. Kabelesabinav who takes care of the reaching the quality FMCG products to public.

And, we started by sourcing the high quality materials for our products from trusted raw material manufacturers in the country to deliver the Quality Products to consumers.

Also raising awareness about health and the benefits of Quality Products.

After a few years in the business, we decided to expand and cater to our clients through both our physical and online.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision:

Our Vision is to make sure every being is to be healthier 💪 and happier 🥳Our Vision is to deliver our products to customers on time with high quality and traditionally tasty as per our tag of “Tasty and Healthy Life”.

Our Mission:

We use the latest technology and opportunities to achieve our vision, without compromising on quality and other factors. And we make sure that all our products reach to everyone all over the world.

Why to Choose Us?

Traditionally Tasty

We manufacture all our products in the traditional method with the use of the latest technology without compromise on the quality

Fresh and Tasty

We always ensure that all our products are freshly prepared and packed, rich in quality and taste. And we always prefer traditional taste on our products to retain a quality.

Quality & Service

We choose good quality raw materials and affirm that our products are carefully processed and packed hygienically. And when it comes to service, we deliver it to our customers on-time.


All Our Products are certified by the food safety and standards authority of india (FSSAI) and we frequently monitor on the quality check of the products and its raw materials

Our Team

Mr. Dhandapani, Managing Director (M.D) of our Company overviews the current whole business and plans for future growth by searching the opportunities available in the market and takes a substantive steps to face the obstacles faced.

He has a experience in this food manufacturing field for a period of more than 20 years

His contribution to our business has the evident of how the business is now.

Mrs. Bhuvaneswari, Whole-Time Director (WTD) of our Company manages the day-to-day activities of the business like supervising the manufacturing process and follows the Applicable Standards for every products, etc.,

And she shared the experience of healthier and homemade taste food products that covers most of the children and family.

She has a experience in this field for the period of more than 15 years.

The Sales Department is headed by our Mr. Vinod (Sales Manager).

Mr. Vinod, has a major role play in the business. As the Sales Manager, he invest his whole time in searching and sourcing the prospective customers for the growth of the business.

He has a experience in this field for a period of more than 11 years.

The Purchase Department is headed by Mr. Senthil Mani (Purchase Manager).

Mr. Senthil Mani plays a another major role play in the business of sourcing the high quality raw material manufacturers and sourcing the good deals for the business.

His contribution makes us to produce the high quality output.

He has a experience in this field for a period of more than 13 years.




2 years

Promoter's Experience

20+ years

Happy Customers

50,000 +



What Our Clients Say About our Products?

I have purchased GKS ghee from their store, i received the package on time and without damage. In respect of quality and taste, this product is my latest favourite and I am going to be their permanent customer from now onwards 

Date: 9th May, 2023

Murali S

I am using GKS Ghee for first time, i am so impressed with the taste and fragrance. And the fragrance still exist even after so many days.

Thanks to Sabari Krishna to provide us the high quality product.

Date: 31st May, 2023


Taste of the our tradition comes to my mind while I cooked biryani with GKS Ghee

Date: 6th April, 2023


I have recently made a swees using GKS Ghee, everyone liked the sweet and everyone asked about the secret behind the taste of the sweet. I will surely say it happens because of the GKS Ghee

Date: 23rd Jan, 2023


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